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After Disastrous Rollout, Oregon Considers Health Exchange Options

A report released Thursday by Kitzhabers office cited poor and often contentious communications between Cover Oregon, the Oregon Health Authority and the Oregon Department of Human Services; a lack of clear decision-making documentation; and lackluster information technology development by Oracle, the chief contractor tasked with building the Web site among the problems that led to such a bad breakdown. A key official responsible for implementing the exchange also decided against using a system integrator to develop and configure the overall project. And though Cover Oregon built contingency plans, those plans only envisioned system outages; they did not plan for the possibility that the entire Web site would be unfinished by the Oct. 1 implementation date. Oregonians deserve accountability for the public investment made in this technology, Kitzhaber said in a statement, released along with the 77-page report [pdf]. My longstanding goal is to ensure that every Oregonian who needs insurance coverage has the opportunity to enroll through the exchange or directly with a health plan. I am equally committed to ensuring that the problems we have experienced here do not happen again. Oregon is one of several states in which Democrats who backed the 2010 Affordable Care Act decided to build their own insurance exchanges only to run into major technical problems.
After disastrous rollout, Oregon considers health exchange options

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